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If you would like to pick up your items at one of our shows, order the items and go thru as normal and choose "Local Pickup" as the shipping option. Make sure you include the name of the show in the note section of the order. Please allow us at least 4 weeks to obtain the item before the show.  






† These appearances are SCA events. For newcomers to the SCA, this is a medieval reenactment group that specializes in civilizations before 1600AD. The SCA rules for an event is that all attendees make an attempt at time appropriate clothing; so grab your costume and come have some fun with us. If you are interested in seeing me at one of these events, or just interested in the group, feel free to check them out at www.sca.org.

Pick-Up Only: These are shows I will be attending, but will not have my store setup. If you want to pick up at one of these event, that is fine, I'll email you where I can be found during the event.  

If you have any questions about events we have not yet posted, you would like us to consider or any other scheduling questions, feel free to Email us.






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