This is the menu for the feast served at Saxon Summer VIII, 2008. Each dish is a link to the recipe, and includes the source of the recipe(if applicable). Period recipes often do not have amounts, only the ingredients and when to add them.

This was not a fully documented feast, only designed to have a period feel. The first remove was late period English, Second was late period Spanish and the third was late period German.

The recipe files are in .doc format.



On the table:
White Bread Rolls
Honey Oat Rolls
Soft Herbed Cheese
Rabbit Liver Pate
Pickled Vegetables and eggs
Lemon Water
Iced Tea

First Remove:
Stewed Venison(Venison was purchased from Bonnie Brae Farms)
Vegetable Soup
Ginger Cookies

Second Remove:
Roasted Rabbit/Chicken
Pottage of Cilantro
Roasted Vegetables
Green Salad
Fruit Vinaigrette
Oatmeal Cookies

Third Remove:
Roasted Pork
Sour Cherry Sauce
Stewed Apples
Cinnamon Rolls

Background courtesy of GrSites